Shane Watson’s Test Career is O-V-E-R

With the amount of jokes made on social media about who would be replacing Watson at #3 to Watson reviewing absolutely every single life decision, goes to show how all Australians have realised that Shane Watson has come to the end of his career in Test cricket.

I have never been a fan of Shane Watson as an all rounder, I have never found him to make an impact on the team. Yes his experience may have been beneficial but personally I believe to be part of the Australian team means you need to illustrate great results on the field.

Finally on a monumental date of 15th of July 2015 he was stood down to play the second Ashes test and Mitch Marsh took his place. Steve Smith batted at number 3 and boy was that an incredible innings, going on to make 215 at Lord’s Cricket Ground i.e. Home of Cricket. Mitch Marsh went on to bowl 2/23 in the first innings, getting the crucial wickets of Ben Stokes and England’s captain Alastair Cook when Australia really needed them. In the second innings he went on to bowl 1/8, bowling Ballance. These statistics significantly prove how much M. Marsh is needed in the team and how Shane Watson’s test career should be over. As Shane Watson has not produced results like that in a long time.

I give full credit to Watson attempting to be in form and playing for his country but selectors have finally seen what the rest of Australia has and that it is essential to give the young ones a go as they can perform.

He must be a great politician to be selected based on his performance, as he has not proven himself (to me anyway).

So many young cricketers are waiting their opportunity and Shane Watson is just wasting a spot in the team keeping so many younger athletes out that deserve a shot.

Shane Watson should think about retirement as his position in the team is valuable and Mitch Marsh definitely has proven that he currently deserves it.

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below or sending me a tweet @hclaire29.


2 thoughts on “Shane Watson’s Test Career is O-V-E-R”

    1. Thankyou that means a lot! Yes I think he has done a lot for Australian cricket but just in test matches I don’t believe he should be in the team. It’s another story for t20’s 🙂

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