Renshaw’s Courage Is Admirable

If you haven’t heard already, Matthew Renshaw, Australia’s opening batsman clearly suffered a horrific stomach bug which was shown when Renshaw spent two and a half hours off the field and needed to retire due to suffering from illness.


Renshaw holding his stomach as he left the field. Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph



Even after suffering a stomach bug, Renshaw was able to put on the highest score for the Aussies in the first innings of 68 runs. He was able to assist and increase Australia’s total to 260 runs to put Australia back into a positive position.

Renshaw was then restricted in the second innings from coming onto the field due to the stomach bug being present after he displayed signs of sickness following being hit on the forearm. 

His strength and fighting spirit during this time for a twenty-year-old is admirable.


Matt Renshaw with opening batsman partner David Warner. Photo Credit: Cricket Australia


Every Australian should be grateful he was included in the side and is playing through this horrific stomach bug. He went on to make 31 runs off 50 deliveries throughout the second innings.

I know all I want to do when I have a stomach bug is sit in bed all day, with water and a bowl next to my bed and sleep. Instead, Renshaw chooses to fight for his country and continues to display great form.

I hope Matt Renshaw gets rid of the bug soon to continue to portray his terrific form.


Feature Image Credit: AP


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