Australian Diamonds into gold medal match after win against Jamaica

Australian diamonds played a spectacular game against Jamaica on Saturday night at 8:30pm AEST to go through to the gold medal match in the Commonwealth Games 2014.

The Australian netball team shone bright like diamonds in this important and nerve-racking match.

The live coverage of the Australian Diamonds on Channel 10 was enticing and required your eyes to be glued to the screen from the first blow of the whistle to the end.

If you’re a fanatical fan like me, you were having to constantly switch between this game and the super rugby final.

Kim Green showed off her courageous skills within the first half.

kim green


This great photo taken by getty images portraying her facial expression and the sweat dripping down her exaggerates how hard she fought for her country in the game last night to win this match.

All teammates showed how much they wanted to win.

Laura Geitz the GK, especially faced a challenge with the height of her opponents and did an amazing job defending.  (Another photo courtesy of getty images).

laura geitz defending

My player of the match was definitely Caitlin Basset who had an incredible shooting game. She didn’t give up and she put her heart and soul into the performance. Without her accuracy the result could have been very different. Her height being very beneficial for her position and using it as an advantage worked brilliantly.

caitlin bassett- getty images

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

In the third quarter the score was a close 40-32, only leading by a margin of 8. But in the last quarter the girls fought hard and came on top to winning by 15 points, 57-42.

It was an unmissable game and one that will be in the record books for a challenge, nail-biting and enthusiastic game of netball.

The Australian Diamonds couldn’t be happier with the end result and moving forward to the gold medal match. The smiles were contagious across the entire diamonds team.

The gold medal match will also be a nail-biting, nerve-racking and courageous game between New Zealand (NZ) and Australia!

Hopefully Australia can win again and bring the title home!

You can find the game being broadcast on tenplay stream 4 as well as live on Channel 10, at 9:30pm AEST.

Before you tune in to the match on Sunday night, you should send them a ‘good luck’ tweet for the gold medal match!  I’m sure all the good luck tweets they get sent are appreciated!

Fingers crossed for a good result!


My First Blog!!!

Welcome to my very first blog post!

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read my very first blog post…

First of all,  I would like to announce that this blog will be written and based upon all aspects of Australian sport.

I am passionate about sports, in particular- Netball, National Rugby League (NRL), Rugby Union and Cricket. These blogs will contain opinions, recent news, updates and fan/ players experience of playing/watching and supporting a sport.

I personally hope these blogs allow you to increase your knowledge and passion about sport. It is a great hobby and once you get in to it, it’s difficult to become ‘uninterested’.

With the variety of sports happening every day their will not be anything short to write about…

Hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.